Les Epaves


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Les Epaves

– What is ”Les Épaves”?

It’s a strictly limited EP with 5 leftover tracks from the ”Les Fleurs du Mal” recoding sessions 2012. It’s limited to 200 copies steel box, 1000 copies jewel case CD and there will be 250 copies vinyl later this year. Something for die hard fans who loved ”Les Fleurs du Mal” and for collectors.

– Why is it released now?

Christofer wanted to test his Adulruna studio and see how it would turn out making mixes there. The studio was made for recording only and this is the first and only production that also was mixed there. Mixing the leftovers from ”Les Fleurs du Mal” was the ideal test object, as people then can directly compare the sound between the two records, as it is based on audio from the same recordings. The thought came up as he started to think about the possibility of mixing the coming rock opera in his studio (which will get recorded later this year) and he therefore invited the legendary Lennart Östlund (ABBA, Led Zeppelin, Genesis, Ramones) from Polar Studios to come out and see what conditions his own studio would have to be upgraded to a studio suitable for mixing. Some additional equipment was bought and in last December Mr. Östlund would honor Villa Adulruna with his presence for a number of days.

– Where can I buy it?

The CD is only available via the band mail order and on live concerts. The vinyls will also have 200 copies put into random distribution in Europe.

– Why is it limited?

Christofer only wanted to get back the money he spent on the mix. It is not meant as a new regular release.

– What does ”Les Épaves” mean?

It means ”The wrecks” and is a tribute to a book with the same name.



1.L’amour est bleu (heavy version) (Vicky Leandros cover)
2.Nous ne sommes pas des anges (France Gall cover)
3.La fermeture éclair (Delphine cover)
4.Ah-Hem-Ho-Hu-Err (Christine Pilzer cover)
5.L’amour est bleu (mellow version) (Vicky Leandros cover)

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