Sami Karppinen will temporary join the band

Our drummer Johan Kullberg won’t be able to do the upcoming shows with us in China and Russia due to his current situation with his day job. Ex. drummer Sami Karppinen (Deggial, Crowning of Atlantis, Secret of the Runes, Live in Midgård) will temporary join us again and do the concerts instead of Johan.

Therion in Sibiria

The band had such a great time with Arkona on the last tour that they decided to do a short tour together in Sibiria, for having a nice experience together and for gaining some more inspiration for proceeding with the composition of the Rock Opera. While in Russia they will of course do some shows in the european part of the country as well + a show in Belarus. Since almost all shows are in areas where the band never played before, it will be a best of set.



New live singer

Sandra had her very first performance with the band at Sweden Rock Festival. Impressions of the band and the audience were positive and here you can see some fragments of the performance:



Lori withdraws from touring


Therion has always been in motion and it seems to be the band’s destiny to always have some sort of alteration once in a while. Often while still being fresh in the form that is transforming into another.

Now it’s time for another change. Due to family and work related reasons, Lori has decided that she will withdraw from touring. The coming tour in Latin America will be her last performances with the band. Her final performance will be in Mexico City on May 31.
Nevertheless, she will continue working with us on the rock opera and she will also sing on the studio version of it.

The band would like to thank her for all these years of great stage performances. We look forward to making this last tour as well as to continue work with her on the rock opera.

/ The guys in the band


New video clip

As a part of the Art Project related to Les Fleurs du Mal, Therion have made a video clip for Christofer’s fave song on the album; Mon Amour Mon Ami.

The clip was shot at Christofer’s decadent home Villa Adulruna and shows girlfriends brutally murdering band members and female band members murdering fellow band members and lovers.