Nalle is withdrawing from touring

We would like to announce that Nalle has decided to withdraw from touring with the band. He did his last live performance with Therion at Brutal Assault Festival. 
It has with each tour gotten harder and harder for him to do all the travels (especially all the overseas flying). He has also expressed that he doesn’t like to do long touring anymore and wants to stay home more with the family. We have been talking about this for some time and now he also notified us that he won’t be able to do our show in Brazil in October due to a scheduled surgery. Brazil is our last scheduled show until next years festival season. So we mutually agreed that this would be the best time to get out for him without interrupting band activities. 

He will remain a member of the band and will continue to play on the albums and be a part of the songwriting process. On top on that he will continue to make his own projects and also contribute with other bands that only have minor concert activities. 

For Therion it’s quite normal to have different people live and in the studio, so we will find someone else to perform live show with us. But Nalle will be deeply missed on tour, both as a good friend and as the best bass player the band ever had. 

Justin Biggs from Sorcerer will be standing in for Nalle in Brazil.