Vovin (1998 – album)


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  • Christofer Johnsson: Guitar, Keyboards
  • Tommy Eriksson: Guitar
  • Wolf Simons: Drums
  • Jan Kazda: Bass
  • Waldemar Sorychta: Additional guitars
  • Siggi Bemm: Additional guitars
  • Lorentz Aspen: Hammond organ
  • Ralf Scheepers: Lead vocals
  • Martina Hornbacher: Solo and duet alto, Soprano vocals
  • Sarah Jezebel Deva: Solo and duet alto, Soprano vocals
  • Choir
    • Eileen Küpper: Soprano
    • Angelica Märtz: Soprano
    • Dorothee Fischer: Alto
    • Anne Tributh: Alto
    • Gregor Dippel: Tenor
    • Max Cilotek: Tenor
    • Javier Zapater: Bass
    • Jochen Bauer: Bass
  • Orchestration by the Indigo Orchestra
    • Petra Staltz: Violin
    • Heike Haushalter: Violin
    • Monika Malek: Viola
    • Gesa Hangen: Cello
    • Alois Kott: Double bass, Contrabass

Comments from Chris

Taking the concept even further and developing the opera metal into a more melancholic and even more innovative domain. I used world class session musicians and tried to get a more accessable sound. The opera choirs are more traditionally arranged for that genre.

Other Info

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Woodhouse Studios December 1997/January 1998.
Engineered by Mattias Klinkman.
Produced, mixed and mastered by Sigfried Bemm.
Co-produced by Christofer Johnsson.
Music written by Christofer Johnsson.
Lyrics written by Thomas Karlsson.
Classic orchestra and choir arrangements written and arranged by Christofer Johnsson with additional arrangements by Jan Kazda.
Orchestra and choir conducted by Jan Kazda.

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