Theli (1996 – album)


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  • Christofer Johnsson: Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
  • Piotr Wawrzeniuk: Drums, Vocals
  • Lars Rosenberg: Bass
  • Jonas Mellberg: Guitar, Acoustic guitar, Keyboards
  • Dan Swanö: Vocals
  • Anja Krenz: Solo soprano
  • Axel Patz: Solo bass baritone
  • Jan Peter Genkel: Grand piano, Keyboards, Programming
  • Gottfried Koch: Keyboards, Programming
  • North German Radio Choir
    • Raphaela Mayhaus: Soprano
    • Bettina Stumm: Soprano
    • Ursula Ritters: Alto
    • Ergin Onat: Tenor
    • Joachim Gebhardt: Bass
    • Klaus Bülow: Bass
  • Siren Choir
    • Anja Krenz: Soprano
    • Constanze Arens: Soprano
    • Riekje Weber: Alto
    • Stephan Gade: Tenor
    • Axel Patz: Bass baritone

Comments from Chris

Finally had the budget to do such an album I had been dreaming of doing for years! I used songs that I had written years earlier, but saved as there was no possibility to record them at those stages + wrote some new tunes to finish this album that was a long time dream of mine to do.

Other Info

Recorded January-March 1996 at Impuls Studio, Hamburg Mastered at Central Sound Studio, Hamburg.
Engineered by Gottfried Koch and Jan Peter Genkel Mixed by Jan Peter Genkel.
Produced by Jan Peter Genkel, Gottfried Koch and Therion Mastered by Jan Peter Genkel.
Cover Art, Layout, and graphic design by P. Gron.
The orchestration on this album was made by The Barmbek Symphony Orchestra, samples and keyboards.

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