The Beauty in Black (1995 – single)


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  • Christofer Johnsson: Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards
  • Piotr Wawrzeniuk: Drums
  • Fredrik Isaksson: Bass
  • Hans Gröning: Bass-baritone vocals
  • Claudia Maria Mokri: Soprano vocals

Comments from Chris

This was a CD-single made as a little taste of what was to come on Lepaca Kliffoth. Amazingly it sold 12.000 copies in Europe (then the record company didn’t press any more of it). Normally CD-singles don’t do too well. This is rather extraordinary regarding the fact that the album before had sold less than this figure (meaning all old fansbought the CD-single + we had new fans buying it too). This made me have rather high expectations on the Lepaca Kliffoth album, but it actually only sold about 3.000 copies more than Beauty In Black (back then, now it’s around 35.000 sold in Europe). We never did a single before, so it kind of gave me the wrong impression about them. I never really bought such my self as there is usually only one or two (usually not too great) songs extra on top on those that will be on the upcoming album, and I wondered why other people did. The Veil Of Golden Spheres was just some funny tune I wrote (not the best song I’ve written I suppose) and recorded just for fun. The lyrics relate to the print on the CD-disc though and was serious (though I doubt many will understand it the way it is intended esoterically). Nevertheless, it is a cool collectors item today so the people who bought it should be happy and hold on to it.

Other Info

Recorded in Music Lab Studio, Berlin 1994.
Engineered by Harris Johns and Simon.
Mixed by Harris Johns, except “The Veil of the Golden Spheres” which was mixed by Simon.
Produced by Christofer Johnsson.
Sleeve design by Tom Eriksen and Holmen & Ungman Communications.
Photo by Anna Diebitsch Antoni.

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