Sitra Ahra (2010 – album)


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  • Christofer Johnsson: Guitars
  • Johan Koleberg: Drums
  • Nalley Pählsson: Bass guitars
  • Christian Vidal: Guitars
  • Thomas Vikström : Vocals

In close co-operation with:

  • Waldemar Sorychta: Rythm guitars, additional harmony, lead guitar
  • Lori Lewis: Solo soprano
  • Snowy Shaw: Lead vocals

Other guests:

  • Peter Ljung: Grand piano and hammond organ
  • Hans Gardemar: Accordion on Land Of Canaan
  • Mats Öberg: Harmonica on Land Of Canaan
  • Staffan Astner: Accoustic 6 and 12-string guitars
  • Chris Laney: Electric 12-string guitar on Land Of Canaan and Hellequin
  • Mattias Olsson: Analog synthesizers on Kali Yuga III
  • Marcus Jupither: Solo baritone on Hellequin
  • Mika “Belfagor” Hakola: Lead vocals on Din
  • Peter Karlsson: Lead vocals on 2012
  • Linnea Vikström: Lead vocals on Kings Of Edom and Hellequin


  • Line Carlsson: Soprano
  • Anneli Lindfors: Soprano
  • Merit Kvit: Soprano
  • Anna Sellberg: Soprano
  • Matilda Wahlund: Soprano
  • Hedvig Hasselström: Mezzo soprano
  • Susanna Reuter: Mezzo soprano
  • Astrid Robillard: Mezzo soprano
  • Thomas Vikström: Tenor
  • Daniel Svensson: Tenor
  • Markus Pettersson: Tenor
  • Love Bergman: Tenor
  • Anton Ljungqvist: Bariton
  • Martin Rask: Bariton
  • Erik Westanskog: Bariton
  • Johan Dornwall: Bass
  • Mattias Olsson: Bass
  • Anders Nyström: Bass

Children choir of Adolf Fredriks musikklasser:

  • Felix Pomo
  • Julius Modin
  • Dag Sandegren
  • Petter Östling
  • Hedda Most
  • Sonia Danielsson Tolstoy
  • Alice Eskiizmirliler
  • Mika Bergström
  • Minna Braconier
  • Emma Westlund
  • Ida Yilmaz
  • Grazia Gasperoni
  • Kristin Jansson
  • Sander Wellmar
  • Gustav Eriksson

Stockholm session strings:

  • Hanna Ekström: Violin 1
  • Aleksander Sätterström: Violin 1
  • Anders Forsman: Violin 1
  • Hanna Viklund: Violin 2
  • Victoria Lendell: Violin 2
  • Anna-Karin Reuterhäll: Violin 2
  • Anna Manell: Viola
  • Pär Lindqvist: Viola
  • Erik Holm: Viola
  • Cecilia Linné: Cello
  • Beata Söderberg: Cello
  • Anna Dager: Cello

Brass instruments:

  • Karl Olandersson: Trumpet
  • Ida Freij: French horn
  • Magnus Franzen: French horn
  • Eva-Tea Lundberg: French horn
  • Elinor Berg: French horn
  • Fredrik Ruud: Tenor trombone
  • Olav Holmquist: Tenor trombone
  • Staffan Findin: Bass trombone

Woodwind instruments:

  • Jan Bengtsson: Flute
  • Erik Rodell: Oboe and English horn
  • Henrik Blixt: Bassoon


  • Johan Koleberg: Tamburo militare
  • Jesper Skarin: Tamburo militare
  • Robert Iversen: Tamburo militare
  • Lennart Östlund:Whipcrash cymbal on Unguentum Sabbati
  • Niklas Andersson: Timpani

Comments from Chris

After the previous line-up had been burnt out from insane touring, we returned with a completely different band to the studio. I was the only guitar player in the band when we started, as I hadn’t found the right guy yet. To help out in the studio I hire Waldemar Sorychta, who I had been working a bit with with back in the 90’s.

We wanted to have a vintage production sounding warm an analogue, so we went for the Polar studio and the ABBA legend Lennart Östlund. The aim was to sound 70’s, but when listening I think it rather sounds like early 80’s type of production.

Real orchestra was back in the production and I was introduced to the Stockholm Session orchestra and other musicians that simply blew me away. Besides the oboe player I used back on SOTR, which I called again for this recording, the orchestral musicians simply blew away any other orchestra I ever worked with. I regret every second of my life ever working with other guys than these! A lot of their stuff is first take, there were simply no need to do it again. They even knew how to groove when playing, something that for most classical orchestras is unheard of.

I experimented with some new instruments; harmonica, accordion and gypsy style violin.

Other Info

  • Produced by Christofer Johnsson
  • Mixed by Lennart Östlund
  • Assistant Mixing Chris Laney
  • Enginnering at Polar by Chris Laney and Lennart Östlund
  • Mastered by George Marino
  • Pre-production made at Eaglehill Studios, January – August 2009
  • Bass, electric guitars, vocals and choir recorded at Adulruna Studio, Pettersborg, October 2009 – March 2010
  • Additional vocals and all other instruments recorded at Polar, October 2009 – April 2010
  • Mixed at Polar Sudios, Stockholm, March – April 2010
  • Mastered at Sterling Sound, April 2010
  • Church organ recorded with VSL
  • Band photography by Fernando Aceves
  • Design & Making Of by Christofer Johnsson
  • Clothes by Scaramouche, Stockholm
  • Artwork & Layout by Thomas Ewerhard
  • Christofer Johnsson is exclusively playing on Gibson guitars
  • Johan Koleberg plays Mapex drums, Meinl cymbals and Wincent drumsticks
  • Nalley Pählsson plays Yamaha bass guitars
  • Christian Vidal plays Ibanez guitars

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