Siren of the Woods (1996 – single)


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  • Christofer Johnsson: Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
  • Piotr Wawrzeniuk: Drums, Vocals, Percussion
  • Lars Rosenberg: Bass
  • Jonas Mellberg: Guitar, Acoustic guitar, Keyboards
  • Dan Swanö: Vocals
  • Anja Krenz: Solo soprano
  • Axel Patz: Solo bass baritone
  • Jan Peter Genkel: Grand piano, Keyboards, Programming
  • Gottfried Koch: Keyboards, Programming
  • North German Radio Choir
    • Raphaela Mayhaus: Soprano
    • Bettina Stumm: Soprano
    • Ursula Ritters: Alto
    • Ergin Onat: Tenor
    • Joachim Gebhardt: Bass
    • Klaus Bülow: Bass
  • Siren Choir
    • Anja Krenz: Soprano
    • Constanze Arens: Soprano
    • Riekje Weber: Alto
    • Stephan Gade: Tenor
    • Axel Patz: Bass baritone

Comments from Chris

Siren Of The Woods was our fist song that would suit airplay on a regular radio station (Beauty in Black was still a bit too progressive), besides the fact it was so damn long. So we decided to make a radio version and the producer also added on a small keyboard in a place to make it more “sweet”. Didn’t work too well, only metal radio stations played it. Who cares anyway, this regular (“commercial”) radio idea is something the record companies insist on. I don’t think a band like Therion could reach any major success from that kind of audience anyway. And if I cared for it, I would have played commercial music instead.

The version of “Cults Of The Shadow” is the same as on Theli, except there’s half a part missing in the middle of the song. I changed my mind in the studio and we had to add on that part in the mastering (from a different mix).

Babylon was a song that Lars Rosenberg had written for Entombed before he was fired. He insisted we should make a version of it to make sure they wouldn’t use it (like if they would want to use a song from someone they just fired?). Not really the normal style of Therion, on the other hand my “Veil Of Golden Spheres” on the last single wasn’t either, so I agreed to do it. It was actually a better song than “Veil Of..” as well. The single sold a bit less than half of what the Beauty In Black CDs did, which is a more normal figure compared to what Theli later sold. Also some kind of collectors item today.

Other Info

Recorded January-March 1996 at Impuls Studio, Hamburg Mastered at Central Sound Studio, Hamburg.
Engineered by Gottfried Koch and Jan Peter Genkel.
Mixed by Jan Peter Genkel.
Produced by Jan Peter Genkel, Gottfried Koch and Therion.
Mastered by Jan Peter Genkel.
Cover Art, Layout and graphic design by P. Gron.

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