Paroxysmal Holocaust (1989 – demo)


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  • Christofer Johnsson: Guitar
  • Peter Hansson: Guitar
  • Oskar Forss: Drums
  • Erik Gustafsson: Bass
  • Matti Kärki: Vocals

Comments from Chris

This was our first demo and we had absolutely no clue of what we were doing in this little 8-track studio. The drummer was in a different room than me, playing the “pilot guitar” (that’s a sort of guide-guitar you record first so the drummer will have something to follow, a better one is recorded later) and there was no window in between, so some parts were we usually needed eye-contact in order to play tight, we had a serious problem later to get things right. The sound engineer was employed by the community, so I guess he was VERY interested… As we had never been in a studio before we were anyway very happy with the recording. Kind of “Wow we can hear our songs coming from a tape”. But in reality this demo was awful in my own opinion. But what the heck, we had the studio for free and many people liked the demo back then.

Other Info

Recorded at Sveastrand Studio in March/April 1989.

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