Of Darkness… (1991 – album)


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1. The Return – 5:19
2. Asphyxiate with Fear – 4:00
3. Morbid Reality – 6.05
4. Megalomania – 4:10
5. A Suburb to Hell – 4:47
6. Genocidal Raids – 5:15
7. Time Shall Tell – 5:07
8. Dark Eternity – 4:45



  • Peter Hansson: Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar
  • Christofer Johnsson: Vocals, Rhythm guitar
  • Oskar Forss: Drums
  • Erik Gustafson: Bass

Comments from Chris

This was our debut, consisting of songs written between 1987-1989. It was recorded in 1990 and finally released in 1991, so when it came out it felt like a “Best of” from our very early years. We had already begun to write some songs for the next album when we recorded it.

Other Info

Produced by Tomas Skogsberg and Therion.
Engineered by Tomas Skogsberg.
Recorded and mixed at Sunlight Studio, Stockholm, August-September 1990.
Cover art by Gary Querns from original by Johan Losand and Rikard Olund.
Inner cover art by Johan Losand.
Photos by Mats Lindbom.
All music and lyrics by Christofer Johnsson.

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