Live in Midgård (2001 – live)


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  • Christofer Johnsson: Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar, Lead vocals
  • Kristian Niemann: Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar
  • Johan Niemann: Bass guitar
  • Sami Karppinen: Drums
  • Sarah Jezebel Deva: Soprano, Lead vocals
  • Maria Ottoson: Soprano
  • Johanna Mårlöv: Alto
  • Anders Engberg: Tenor, Lead vocals
  • Petri Heino: Baritone
  • Risto Hämäläinen: Baritone

Comments from Chris

When we got home from the tour and listened to the various recordings we had made, we decided that we want to release a live album where all fans can recognize the band.
On tour we played everything from the medium sized clubs in front of a few hundreds of people to big halls in front of thousands of people. It was very tempting to us to use only the songs recorded at the biggest halls and have the sound of thousands of screaming fans in between the songs. But we feel that this is not only a live album, it is a documentation of what we did on the last tour and it should represent all the aspects of it. So in the end we decided to take songs from various places to give a complete picture of Therion live.

You people who were present at a concert on this tour might remember that we always played the first part of “O Fortuna” before “Seven Secrets of the Sphinx”. Unfortunately we had to remove this from the recording due to copyright reasons.

Other Info

Produced by Therion.
Recorded in South America and Europe on the Secret Of The Runes world tour during the autumn/winter 2001 and edited and mixed at Modern Art in Stockholm during the spring 2002 by Sam Carpenter.
Mastering: Tom Muller at TTM, Berlin.
Pictures taken by Rafael Sasso, Axel Heyder & Gunnar Sauermann.
Cover by Axel Jusseit & Thomas Ewerhard.
Layout by Thomas Ewerhard.

The road crew:
Schlanky – Tour manager South America and Mexico.
Richard Peach – Sound engineer South America and Mexico.
Wolfgang Schernhammer – Sound engineer Europe
Martin Muller – Light engineer South America and Mexico.
Chris Parschau – Light engineer Europe.
Kevin Papsworth – Guitar and bass tech. worldwide.
Paul ‘Asti’ Bond – Guitar and bass tech. Europe.
Mark ‘Gus’ Guy – Drum tech. Europe.

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