Eye of Shiva (1998 – single)


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  • Christofer Johnsson: Guitar, Keyboards
  • Tommy Eriksson: Guitar
  • Wolf Simons: Drums
  • Jan Kazda: Bass
  • Waldemar Sorychta: Additional guitars
  • Siggi Bemm: Additional guitars
  • Martina Hornbacher: Solo and duet alto, Soprano vocals
  • Sarah Jezebel Deva: Solo and duet alto, Soprano vocals
  • Choir
    • Eileen Küpper: Soprano
    • Angelica Märtz: Soprano
    • Dorothee Fischer: Alto
    • Anne Tributh: Alto
    • Gregor Dippel: Tenor
    • Max Cilotek: Tenor
    • Javier Zapater: Bass
    • Jochen Bauer: Bass
  • Orchestration by the Indigo Orchestra
    • Petra Staltz: Violin
    • Heike Haushalter: Violin
    • Monika Malek: Viola
    • Gesa Hangen: Cello
    • Alois Kott: Double bass, Contrabass

Comments from Chris

This album isn’t available for sale. It was given only to radio stations.

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