Deggial (2000 – album)


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  • Christofer Johnsson: Guitar, Keyboards
  • Kristian Niemann: Lead Guitars
  • Johan Niemann: Bass guitar
  • Sami Karpinnen: Drums
  • Hansi Kürsch: Lead vocals
  • Jan Kazda: Acoustic guitar
  • Alexander Schimmeroth: Piano
  • The different world orchestra/choir
    • Eileen Küpper: Soprano (choir, solo)
    • Angelika Märtz: Soprano (choir)
    • Dorothee Fischer: Alto (choir)
    • Anne Tributh: Alto (choir)
    • Georg Hansen: Tenor (choir, solo)
    • Miguel Rosales: Tenor (choir)
    • Jörg Braüker: Bass (choir, solo)
    • Javier Zapater: Bass (choir)
    • Heike Haushalter: 1. violin
    • Petra Stalz: 2. violin
    • Monika Maltek: Viola
    • Gesa Hangen: Cello
    • Konstantin Weinstroer: Doublebass (kontrabass)
    • Annette Gadatsch: Flute
    • Stefanie Dietz: Oboe
    • John Ellis: French horn
    • Volker Goetz: Flugelhorn, Trumpet
    • Dietrich Geese: Tuba, Sousaphone, Trumpet
    • Daniel Häcker: Orchestra drums

Comments from Chris

Earlier we had only used real strings and real choir, but on this album (which costed 115 000 DM to record and required 3 months in the studio) I had the budget to also include various brass and woodwind instruments, as well as orchestral drums.

What was most developed on this album, in my own opinion, was the classic compositions. Guitar-wise I went back a bit in time and used many riffs in the vein of the 80s heavy metal bands that I grew up with. We also tried to make the guitar-sound a bit heavier in the 80s way. Some of the differences in the songs on this album compared to the earlier ones are very easy to hear, like in Via Nocturna and especially Flight Of The Lord Of Flies, but most of them are in the depth of the songs and will not be discovered during the first times of listening (like in Emerald Crown, where I used 70s influenced parts using blues scale, something I never used earlier on any album).

Other Info

Recorded, mixed and mastered during September, October and November 1999 at Woodhouse Studio, Germany.
Produced, recorded and mastered by Siegfried Bemm, Jr.
Mixed by Dan Diamond.
Pre- and co-produced by Christofer Johnsson.
Engineered by Mathias Klinkmann.
All music written by Christofer Johnsson except “O Fortuna”.
All lyrics written by Thomas Karlsson except “O Fortuna”.
Metal and rock arrangements by Christofer Johnsson and Therion.
Classical arrangements by Christofer Johnsson with additional arrangements by Jan Kazda.
Artwork: Nico & Theresa, e-mail:
Management: Direct, fax: +49-231 829 73 01, e-mail:

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