Crowning of Atlantis (1999 – album)


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  • Christofer Johnsson: Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Keyboard
  • Tommy Eriksson: Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
  • Jan Kazda: Bass, Acoustic Guitar
  • Wolf Simon: Drums
  • Sami Karppinen: Drums
  • Waldemar Sorychta: Additional Guitars, Solo, Second solo
  • Ralf Scheepers: Vocals
  • Eileen Küpper: Vocals
  • Cossima Russo: Vocals
  • Angelika Märtz: Vocals
  • Martina Hornbacher: Vocals
  • Sarah Jezebel Deva: Vocals, Ending vocal line
  • Jochen Bauer: Solo bass vocals
  • Jörg Braüker: Solo tenor vocals
  • Choir vocals
    • Eileen Küpper: Soprano
    • Angelika Märtz : Soprano
    • Anne Tributh: Alto
    • Jörg Braüker: Bass
    • Jochen Bauer: Bass
  • Orchestration by the Indigo orchestra
    • Heike Haushalter: Violin
    • Petra Staltz: Violin
    • Monika Maltek: Viola
    • Gesa Hangen: Cello
  • Live line-up on the Vovin – 98 tour:
    • Christofer Johnsson: Guitar, Vocals
    • Tommy Eriksson: Guitar
    • Kim Blomkvist: Bass
    • Sami Karppinen: Drums
    • Sarah Jezebel Deva: Vocals
    • Martina Hornbacher: Vocals
    • Cinthia Acosta Vera: Vocals

Comments from Chris

Crowning Of Atlantis was originally meant as a Mini-CD, without the Manowar cover and the live tracks. But the record label wanted more songs and make it into a full-length release, so we gave them one more cover song and the 3 live tracks.

The title track was brand new and would have ended up on Deggial if it wasn’t released here instead.
Mark Of Cain was recorded as an earlier version for Vovin. In the last hour I decided not to use it, as I thought the vocals and the guitars were not perfect. You can see on the back cover on the Vovin album, some song titles written mirrored in the background as a part of the lay-out, and Mark Of Cain is written there (as we forgot to remove it). So we partly re-recorded the song later and used it for this album instead.

From The Dionysian Days was recorded during the Vovin session, but I felt it didn’t fit in with the other songs. This MCD was anyway going to be rather odd, speaking of the variety between the songs, so it felt better here.
There were some ideas with Clavicula Nox that I regretted not trying out on the Vovin album, so I took the chance and did it here (personally I like the result much better in this way).
There are three ways of doing a cover song. Most commonly you play it as much as the original or you play it in a way that the style of your band shape the song. The third way is to make it so completely different that most people dont recognize it. I prefer to make a mixture between the second and the third way that it actually sounds like Therion, but one should be able to hear that it is the same song when compared to the original. Seawinds is perfectly that way and I consider it as a Therion song – but written by Accept. The Manowar and Loudness covers are more in the first mentioned way, they are made more for the fun of it.

Other Info

Tracks 1-7 were recorded and mixed at Woodhouse Studio (Hagen, Germany).
Engineered by Matheas Klinkmann and produced by Siggi Bemm. Tracks 8-10 were recorded on the 1998 Vovin tour and mixed by Christofer Johnsson at DarkAge Studio (Stockholm, Sweden).
Track 1 recorded and mixed February 1999.
Track 2 mixed February 1999. Drums/Bass recorded December 1997/January 1998. Guitar/Vocals recorded February 1999.
Track 3 Drums/Bass/Guitar/Strings recorded December 1997/January 1998. Choir, solo bass/solo tenor, additional strings & piano recorded and mixed February 1999.
Tracks 4,5 & 7 recorded and mixed December 1997/January 1998.
Track 6 recorded December 1997/January 1998, mixed February 1999.
All songs mastered at Woodhouse Mastering Studio.
All choir/vocal melodies and classic orchestra arrangements written by Christofer Johnsson with additional arrangements by Jan Kazda, except classic orchestra arrangements written by Christofer Johnsson and Jan Kazda.
Choir and orchestra were conducted by Jan Kazda.
Artwork by Nico & Theresa, e-mail:

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