Beyond the Darkest Veils of Inner Wickedness (1989 – demo)


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1. Macabre Declension
2. Megalomania
3. Paroxysmal Holocaust



  • Christofer Johnsson: Guitar, Vocals
  • Peter Hansson: Guitar
  • Oskar Forss: Drums
  • Erik Gustafsson: Bass

Comments from Chris

Our second demo was recorded in a 16-track studio, but the sound still sucked. The sound-engineer must have been the worst in the history of metal and he was SO uninterested in what was going on that he rather spoke on the phone with his retarded friends than work. On this demo I started to sing. But I had a terrible headache the day I had to record the vocals (no wonder actually as the air in that studio was extremely bad), which made me sing very deep as it hurt less (!) and kind of killed the feeling in it. We couldn’t afford an extra day in the studio, so no other choice… But who cares, the demo sucked anyway, with a terrible sound etc. Strangely enough most people also liked this demo. Judging the vocals in Cannibal Corpse, it seems like they must have bought the demo and liked it as well! =)

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