Bells of Doom (2001 – Compilation)


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Comments from Chris

This is a CD compiled and made especially for the Therion Fanclub. It’s both a rare collectors item with unreleased and rare demo versions of both known and unknown Therion songs, as well as a possibility for the die-hard fans to hear the very early days of the band when we used to be called Blitzkrieg. I’ve often had the question how Blitzkrieg actually sounded and if we made any demos or anything that can be bought somehow. We never released anything and I never copied anything to anyone outside the band. Not even to later Therion members. So the Blitzkrieg stuff on this CD was previously only heard by the 4 people that played and sang on it. We did 2 concerts, but there were less than 100 people on each of the shows, so not many at all heard what we were doing back then. And when we later changed name to Therion I could never dream of that anyone would be interested one day in hearing the stuff we had done earlier.

Other Info

This was a CD that was produced in 1.000 copies by the old Therion Fan Club and it was exclusively sold to the members of the club. Some years ago the Fan Club was put to rest (R.I.P.) and instead the Therion Society took over the members and started a new form of activities. The Society continued to sell this CD in the fomer member shop, but Therion Society has never taken over this release and should therefore not be limited to the circle of members. Therefore it is now available here and offered to the public.

This CD is a unique sound document for those who wish to hear some rare demo recordings from 1989 of early songs that were not ending up on any album, the unofficial promotional demo recording from 1994 that gave Therion their record deal with Nuclear Blast, a re-recording of an old unreleased song and… what many fans might be curious of hearing; how the band sounded in it’s very early days under the name “Blitzkrieg” back in 1987. Christofer had played an instrument (the bass guitar back in that time) for only 3 months when the first track of this CD was recorded!

This is an audio historical release and also a precious rarity and collectors item that will never be pressed again once it’s sold out.

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