All the orders made from the 5th of November will be shipped in the beginning of December.

You can still order items you want, but just be patient and wait until December. :)


New live singer Chiara Malvestiti

Having had the fantastic Lori Lewis on stage with us for so many years, it was not an easy task to find another girl to fill her shoes on stage. We have auditioned a number of sopranos and also tried two of them (Isa and Sandra) in live situations, as this is the only way to really find out what a singer is capable of delivering.
We had a great time bringing them along, but in the end it didn’t feel they could live up to the expectations that both we and the fans had after Lori. We don’t like to take a step backwards, so we continued our search and through recommendation we got our eyes on the very talented  Chiara Malvestiti, who had the perfect voice for what we need, with a very strong upper register, strong vocal power also though the entire vocal range and a beauty in the voice that can give justice to the more gentle parts.
But being a singer is not only about the voice, it’s also about over all musicality (understanding and interpreting the compositions and it’s structures and harmonies). So it’s many things that needs to match to fit in. After the festival show we did this weekend, we all feel that we finally have found the right girl to continue on the same level of quality where we left with Lori.

Another thing. While rehearsing at Villa Adulruna for this show, we also used the moment to have Chiara making an audition for one of the main roles in the Rock Opera. Good news – she got the job!
So far we have 3 of the 4 main roles filled for the recording of it (Thomas Vikström, Lori and Chiara). For the live performance we will have to look for someone else doing Lori’s role, as she decided to withdraw from touring – but who knows, maybe there could be some special event where she appears on stage with us performing her role as the wife of Anti-Christ. Only time will tell.



Store news – All orders to Italy now by registered mail only

The last month we had several packages to Italy claimed to be lost. We don’t know for sure if they were really lost/stolen by the mail service or if the people who ordered it were frauds who lied about it not being delivered. Some contents in the correspondance with the people who ordered points at them being frauds is the most likely scenario. 

Our shopping system have a list of ”safe countries”  who let the customers who live in those choose if he/she wants the package to be sent by registered mail (with full insurance and a tracking number) or if they prefer the cheaper regular mail. This system is based on selling to fans who take responsibility if they choose to take the risk with a cheaper, but less safe delivery. It’s usually not an issue as we have maybe one package per year lost to those countries. 

Recently we had a number of orders from Italy where the customer made an order and sent a mail a week after and ask for a tracking numbers that they know don’t exist for regular shipments and then for a refund, claiming the package never arrived. It’s clear from our system that they have choosen regular mail and that it’s their own responsability after the packages has been put in the mail, but they take advantage of the PayPal policy that always judge in favor of the customer if there is a dispute and the store can’t show a tracking number. So with a system where shipments without tracking number is allowed, it’s always possible for someone to lie and tell PayPal they didn’t receive anything and have their money refunded no matter what the seller say.  Or if the package really was lost and they regret choosing the cheaper shipping alternative, they can make a dispute and let Therion Store take the hit for it instead. We had to refund hundreds of euro the last few days for goods that we packed and shipped correctly. 

No matter if the packages were stolen or if the orders where intended to be frauds in the first place, it’s still an abuse of our shopping system and we have no other choice than removing Italy from the list of ”safe countries” (after over 10 years!). This means all orders automatically are shipped with the more expensive registered mail from now on. We are very sorry for the extra expense this will cause for all our customers in Italy. Let’s hope the abusers think it is worth it that all customers in Italy now have an additional 8 euro on each order for the sake of them being dishonest.

Best regards,

Store manager

DVD Garden of Evil

Due to Christmas and New Year, the pressing time will be a bit longer for the DVD. Shipping date for supporters of the project will be January 9. 
Everyone else can order it from that date as well, but it will be shipped some time during the week after that.

Sami Karppinen will temporary join the band

Our drummer Johan Kullberg won’t be able to do the upcoming shows with us in China and Russia due to his current situation with his day job. Ex. drummer Sami Karppinen (Deggial, Crowning of Atlantis, Secret of the Runes, Live in Midgård) will temporary join us again and do the concerts instead of Johan.

Therion in Sibiria

The band had such a great time with Arkona on the last tour that they decided to do a short tour together in Sibiria, for having a nice experience together and for gaining some more inspiration for proceeding with the composition of the Rock Opera. While in Russia they will of course do some shows in the european part of the country as well + a show in Belarus. Since almost all shows are in areas where the band never played before, it will be a best of set.



New live singer

Sandra had her very first performance with the band at Sweden Rock Festival. Impressions of the band and the audience were positive and here you can see some fragments of the performance:



Lori withdraws from touring


Therion has always been in motion and it seems to be the band’s destiny to always have some sort of alteration once in a while. Often while still being fresh in the form that is transforming into another.

Now it’s time for another change. Due to family and work related reasons, Lori has decided that she will withdraw from touring. The coming tour in Latin America will be her last performances with the band. Her final performance will be in Mexico City on May 31.
Nevertheless, she will continue working with us on the rock opera and she will also sing on the studio version of it.

The band would like to thank her for all these years of great stage performances. We look forward to making this last tour as well as to continue work with her on the rock opera.

/ The guys in the band


New video clip

As a part of the Art Project related to Les Fleurs du Mal, Therion have made a video clip for Christofer’s fave song on the album; Mon Amour Mon Ami.

The clip was shot at Christofer’s decadent home Villa Adulruna and shows girlfriends brutally murdering band members and female band members murdering fellow band members and lovers.