Nalle is withdrawing from touring

We would like to announce that Nalle has decided to withdraw from touring with the band. He did his last live performance with Therion at Brutal Assault Festival. 
It has with each tour gotten harder and harder for him to do all the travels (especially all the overseas flying). He has also expressed that he doesn’t like to do long touring anymore and wants to stay home more with the family. We have been talking about this for some time and now he also notified us that he won’t be able to do our show in Brazil in October due to a scheduled surgery. Brazil is our last scheduled show until next years festival season. So we mutually agreed that this would be the best time to get out for him without interrupting band activities. 

He will remain a member of the band and will continue to play on the albums and be a part of the songwriting process. On top on that he will continue to make his own projects and also contribute with other bands that only have minor concert activities. 

For Therion it’s quite normal to have different people live and in the studio, so we will find someone else to perform live show with us. But Nalle will be deeply missed on tour, both as a good friend and as the best bass player the band ever had. 

Justin Biggs from Sorcerer will be standing in for Nalle in Brazil.

New live singer Rosalía Sairem

Please welcome new singer Rosa into the live line-up of Therion, replacing Linnea. She is from Spain and was recommended by Thomas, who did many seasons of musicals together with her in Spain, so he knew first hand that she was a great performer. Rehearsals went great and she nailed things perfect live. So you will be seeing a lot more of her in the future.

Time for another change. In Australia Linnéa performed for the last time with the band.
She will put more focus on her own band and we wish her the best of luck in her new endeavors.
Therion would like to thank her for all these years of great stage performances. 💫

When 15 year old prodigy Christofer Johnsson founded THERION as a death metal band in 1987, little did he know that exactly 30 years later he would put the final touches to a project that will go down in history as symphonic metal’s most ambitious release. While ‘metal operas’ are no longer an unusual creation, this term will forever receive a new meaning on January 26th, 2018, when the curtain opens for Johnsson’s lifelong creation: »Beloved Antichrist« is the title of his spectacular brainchild, consisting of 3 full-length CDs and is more than just a concept album, but a complete rock opera with multiple chapters, unveiling a sweeping story partly based on and inspired by Vladímir Soloviov “A Short Tale Of The Antichrist”.
With an incredible total of 29 different roles and characters, whoall required a unique voice, THERION hired not only a big choir, but also 29 vocalists to bring the epic story to life. With long-time collaborators like Thomas Vikström, Lori Lewis and Chiara Malvestiti, fans will hear the classical THERION vibe but also be able to drown in a magical maelstrom of many new as well as familiar voices.
Divided into several chapters, the opera reaches a full length of 3 and a half hours and THERION are currently working on the possibility of bringing the entire production to the stage. And while this monumental undertaking still simmers away in the Swedish production halls, the band has announced a pan-European tour where they will perform some of their new masterpieces live in a classical concert setting. Support comes from Russia’s symphonic metallists IMPERIAL AGE and Germany’s NULL POSITIV.
Don’t miss this new milestone in the history of symphonic metal and witness this dramatic staging of
the apocalypse and all those brave, sinister and fascinating characters heading towards the end of it all. “The world of metal would not be the same without THERION”, wrote UK’s Iron Fist Magazine in 2014 and one thing is for sure: After the unleashing of »Beloved Antichrist« in 2018, it never will be again.
Witness the band live on the following dates:
Presented by Gibson + Yamaha + Steinberg + Rock Hard + Tronical + Vain + HHK Concertservice:

Thursday 01-02 Germany Turock Essen
Friday 02-02 Holland Melkweg Amsterdam
Sunday 04-02 Uk Rebellion Manchester
Friday 09-02 UK Corporation Sheffield
Saturday 10-02 Ireland Limelight Belfast
Sunday 11-02 Ireland Tivoli Dublin
Wednesday 14-02 Uk Bierkeller Bristol
Friday 16-02 France Trabendo Paris
Tuesday 20-02 Spain Santana 27 Bilbao
Wednesday 21-02 Portugal Hard club Oporto
Thursday 22-02 Portugal Lisboa Oa Vivo Lisboa
Friday 23-02 Spain Sala Custom Sevilla
Saturday 24-02 Spain Sala But 2 Madrid
Sunday 25-02 Spain Razzmatazz 2 Barcelona
Thursday 01-03 Italy Circolo Colony Brescia
Friday 02-03 Italy Orion Rome
Saturday 03-03 Italy Zona Roveri Bologna
Sunday 04-03 Slovenia Kino Siska Ljublijana
Monday 05-03 Croatia Tvornica Zagreb
Tuesday 06-03 Serbia Dom Omladine Belgrade
Thursday 08-03 Greece Principal club theater Thessaloniki
Friday 09-03 Greece Poraeus 117 Academy Athens
Saturday 10-03 Bulgaria Mixtape5 Sofia
Sunday 11-03 Roemani Arenele Romane Bucharest
Tuesday 13-03 Hungary Barba Negra Budapest
Wednesday 14-03 Slovakia Majestic Music Club Bratislava
Thursday 15-03 Czech rep Meetfactory Praha
Friday 16-03 Poland A2 Wroclaw
Saturday 17-03 Poland Progresja Warsaw
Sunday 18-03 Poland B90 Gdansk
Tuesday 20-03 Lithuania Rock River club Vilnius
Wednesday 21-03 Latvia Melna Piektdiena Riga
Tuesday 03-04 Germany Backstage München
Thursday 05-04 Germany F Haus Jena
Saturday 07-04 Holland 013 Tilburg
Tuesday 10-04 Israël tba Tel Aviv

More dates will be announced soon!

Busy summer


Another successful recording session. This time choir recordings in Moscow.

Special thanx to Alexander Osipov for organising practical matters as usual and to Taras Yasenkov for putting together a great choir and making an outstanding work making them perform.


Another voice from the past, finding its way into the rock opera.

Nailing the last few solo vocal parts in the rock opera.

Originally it had over 30 different roles, but I managed to rewrite it a bit to get it down to 29. Still a lot of vocals to record. PLUS choir…

The guy on the picture is someone who appeared on Therion recordings before. Anyone can guess who?


An update from Christofer

Neck is fragile, but improving all the time, so it seems physiotheraphy and other types of self healing is doing its job. I feel totally sure I will avoid surgery now. I’m gonna have to stay away from headbanging and carry too heavy load forever, but that doesn’t seem like a big deal when I was in a condition that I was unable to even use my right hand for eating or lie down sleeping 2,5 months ago.

Guitar playing is now back to 90% capacity while sitting down. Feels like I’ll be totally back to business in time for festivals in August. Happily avoiding surgery (as it seems).


Over 2 weeks ago I started to get HUGE pains in my arm, shoulder and back. It hurted worse if I and got worse by each day. In the end I could not even sleep in bed anymore and had to sit up sleeping in the sofa every night.

Medicare in Sweden don’t work anymore. Equipment is great and the doctors are competent and do their best, but due to the massive population increase, the capacity and medical infrastructure has lacked behind each year and just seem to get worse and worse. After I got in contact with the emergency, it took me eight (8) days before I got to see a physiotherapist and he could not make a proper diagnosis without a MRI scan of the neck. It would have taken up to a month before I would get a MRI done and then it can take another month before I get the results.

At this point I slept l worse and less each night and when I tried to play guitar, I would only play half a song before the pain made me stop + my motorics got so bad that I was even physically unable to play most songs.

In order to not have to cancel 70.000 Tons of Metal and in order to faster get a diagnosis and get it cured, I (upon recommendation) decided to fly to Moscow and have it done there. They are at the same technical and competence level like in Sweden, but have capacity to treat patients immediately. So I got an appointment straight away, flew there and got a fantastic care with not only MRI, but also got to see a neurologist, physiotherapists and specialists. So I got a diagnosis the same day and it seems I have two spinal disc herniations in my neck, one really bad and one small that could get worse. In plain english this means that two of my discs in the neck are worn out (from headbanging and sitting too much in front of computer in the office and the studio) and have cracked so that fluid runs out from it. The fluid put pressure on the nerves in the spinal chord and create pain in shoulder/arm/back and distort mobility in the right arm.

In order to stabilise the neck, I have to wear a support collar for 2 weeks (even on stage) and they gave me cortisone injections to block parts of the pain temporary. So now I can at least (after 2 weeks of sleeping sitting in the sofa) sleep in my bed and with some pain and efforts I can play a festival set of simplest possible songs. So at least we don’t have to cancel.

After the cruise I will go back to Russia to meet a world class neuro surgeon who will determine wither it’s better to do surgery or to treat this without knives. The advantage with surgery is that if successful, I would recover much quicker. But surgery in the neck is always a risk and if worse come to worse, a failed surgery there could end up with me never being able to play on stage again.
To treat without surgery will be very painful and normally take 4-5 months before fully recovered (if unlucky longer), but this is what I am hoping for and the specialists that gave me the diagnosis were quite sure it would be treatable that way. But we will know for sure what the deal is after I’ve met the neuro surgeon afther the cruise.

So what does all this mean? It means that I will be playing at 70.000 TOM with great difficulties and using a support collar. It also means that the Rock Opera will get some month or two delayed, as I can’t sit in the studio at the computer (I will have to use a studio assistant) and not for as long sessions as usual.
It also means that if I end up having to do surgery, there is always a small risk that the cruise will end up being my final stage performance (which is a good reason for choosing the best surgeon Russia has to offer as soon as possible before the odds get worse – rather than taking my chances being assigned one randomly in Sweden and maybe have to wait many months before they have time to do it).

Finally I would like to give a special THANK YOU to the following:

Russian Embassy of Stockholm and the IFS Visa Centre in Stockholm. You people did much more than obligated by your duties and thanx to your extra efforts, I could get visa done in time for the hastily booked trip.

Leyla Namazova-Baranova and all the amazing medical specialists and staff at the hospital in Moscow, who offered me the most professional medical care treatment I have every experienced. Thanx to you people I have a diagnose now (instead of in 2 months from now), I can sleep in my bed at night and I can now even play guitar enough that we don’t have to cancel the cruise.

Alexander Osipov and Jane Odintsova from Imperial Age who suggested me to fly to Moscow instead and who also arranged everything for me there. If it wasn’t for you guys I would have canceled the cruise by now.